🎶 ‘This is me’ – A loyalist is who I’m meant to be 🎶

I’m a loyalist, and proud to be so.

No, not the kind that wears an orange sash and marches on the 12th July.

The enneagram type 6 kind.

Don’t know what I’m talking about? Let me say, if you’re interested in personal growth, and you haven’t done the eannegram yet, you’re missing out!

The eannegram is a model that gives insight into the vulnerabilities of each type of personality. The idea is that once a person understands their core motivations, they can take full advantage of opportunities for growth.

Here’s the nine types – I’d be interested to hear which one most resonates with you!

Ones are motivated by integrity and most fear corruption.

Twos are motivated by love and are afraid of being unlovable.

Threes are motivated by success and worry about having no inherent value.

Fours desire significance and identity and fear having no unique purpose.

Fives desire knowledge and ability and fear being incompetent.

Sixes crave security and belonging and are afraid of losing support.

Sevens desire happiness and are concerned about being trapped or in pain.

Eights want to be in control of their own life, and hate the idea of being controlled by others.

Nines are motivated by being at peace, and most fear disconnection.

The enneagram is a really insightful tool for working on your weak points. Someone said to me lately, though, that I have a tendency to dwell on the negative side of my personality. The worrying, cautious, indecisive side. The side that overthinks. The side that constantly interrogates whether I am managing everything in my life well enough or not.

They were right, of course.

But not today!

Many of you will know well that powerful scene in the Greatest Showman, where the bearded lady realises that – despite her oddities and flaws – she is who she’s meant to be. I love this line in particular:

‘I’m not scared to be seen, I make no apologies, this is me.’

Have you ever considered that what you give yourself a hard time for each day could actually be the key to understanding the unique contribution you make to the world?We should never be afraid to acknowledge our imperfections, but neither should we shy away from recognising our strengths.

Because ‘Loyalists’ (type sixes) may be cautious, skeptical and crave security – but they are also cooperative, reliable, responsible and trustworthy.

Loyalists may need more affirmation and reassurance than most, but they are also unswervingly loyal and committed to their beliefs. They’ll hold on to relationships far longer than most people and have deep and meaningful friendships. They will defend their loved ones even more tenaciously than they would defend themselves. And that’s something to celebrate!

So, here are some ‘this is me’ statements I’m making today:

🌱 I might be terrible at noticing dust on surfaces, or following road directions correctly – but I’ll listen well beyond your words to your heart. I’ll also stick with you the whole journey – whether that involves watching a beautiful sunset together or being stuck in a ditch waiting for help.

🌱 I might not be able to watch sad films and cry at the drop of a hat, but I’ll weep with you when you’re sad and empathise deeply with your pain.

🌱 I might be easily hurt by criticism, but that also means I’ll never let anyone run down my friends and will take every opportunity to defend and champion them.

🌱 I might tend to envisage the worst case case scenario, but this means I can visualize pitfalls in my head before they happen – preventing many of them in the process.

🌱 I might forget to pass on important news items I’m supposed to, but at least you know I’ll never pass on the confidential information you trust me with!

🌱 I might be a bit scatty when it comes to remembering practical details, but I’m pretty sharp when it comes to digesting complex ideas and abstract concepts.

Maybe it’s time for you to have a ‘this is me’ day!

Every personality type has strengths and weaknesses, but instead of being your own worst critic – why not for once celebrate all the things about you that bring extra colour and beauty to the world?

For most of us, this won’t be self indulgence or an unnecessary ego boost, but actually just regaining a bit of balance.

Yes, it’s important not to think of yourself more highly than you ought. But it is also important, as someone made in God’s image and fashioned by His perfect hand, that you celebrate what he has made.

Write this down – or even say it out loud :

This is me:

I may be … but I am also …

I might do … but I also do …

I’m not great at … but I excel at …

Let’s get some balance back!

I’m a loyalist, and today I’m proud of it.

How about you?

H x

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