Come out of hiding ⛺️

☀️ Little Eden sometimes just wants to hide from the world for a while. She doesn’t particularly warm to the sun (forgive the pun), so one scorching afternoon she made herself a little tent with a towel and sat like that for the longest time.

As I watched her, I couldn’t help but think of how this image encapsulates so many of our lives.

(This is as much for myself as anyone else, so please don’t think I’m self-assured, or that that I’m close to fully accepting myself – failure, flaws, fine lines and all- I’m not.)

But don’t you think it’s time we stopped hiding and started shining?

🩱 You may not have the body or complexion you had ten years ago, but have you ever thought that if you keep avoiding every family selfie or continue to skip put on that swimsuit, you’re depriving yourself (and your kids, if you have them) of precious memories?

🎶 You may not be as exceptionally talented as the one you admire from afar, but have you ever considered if you don’t raise your voice or play your melodies, you’re robbing the world of the song only you can sing and the anthem only you can bring?

❤️ You may not think the things that make your heart beat faster and your mind come alive are more important than some of the demands people make of you, but if you don’t pursue the passions your Creator put within you, one day you will realise that all those years you were living out someone else’s dreams.

😢 You may not think people will think well of you if you reveal your private struggles or pain. But what if by failing to ask for help you are stopping others from being released to do the same?

✍️ So, as I’m looking here at the automatic prompt my blog platform gives me ….’start writing’ … I feel compelled to urge you all…. you don’t need to be paid to do what you love to start doing what you love.

Whatever it is you’ve always dreamed inside of doing… it’s your time to start doing it.

Start swimming, start writing, start acting, start singing, start studying, start building, start leading, start innovating, start teaching, start designing or DIYing or growing or counselling or travelling.

Come out of hiding. The world needs you. It’s crying out for what God has put within you.

It’s time to shine 🌞

H x

Published by Hilary

Mum of two girls 👩‍👧‍👧 positive inspiration 💡 parenting 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 health 🏃‍♀️ life 💓 faith 📖

3 thoughts on “Come out of hiding ⛺️

  1. Oh, Hilary! I adore your spirit. Hands down, you are one of my favorite bloggers. Your messages of hope, inspiration, encouragement and the heart of love straight from our Father’s heart breathe life into weary souls. Indeed, keep writing, sis…

    This is a reminder we ALL need to actually live. Let go of the self-imposed fears we’ve created. Let go of the pain of yesterday. Let go of the what-ifs and the should-haves. It’s time to just release what was and embrace what is — the unique voice, gifts, and beauty that we each were given by our Abba Father who ADORES us. We are not a mistake and even if no one else around us sees it in us right now – God does. He knows why He gave us the very attributes He did.

    Amen — just start. When someone doesn’t ‘get you’ or doesn’t support you – it’s not a reflection of who you are or what you can or cannot do. It simply means your message isn’t for them. But… there are a whole lot of people who are waiting for the very thing God placed on the inside of YOU. That’s why your message is so vital.

    As we start, one act of small obedience at a time, our path is illuminated before us and doors that were once closed begin to open. It is then that our beauty and purpose is revealed. 😊

    God bless you, Hilary! You are an inspiration. Keep being you! ♥ Sending my love to you & yours!


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