The power of the One

They call him the ‘Australian angel.’

He was the man who lived beside ‘The Gap’ – a natural beauty spot where lots of people attempt suicide every day.

For over 50 years, Don Ritchie watched through his window for troubled souls, then came close to meet them at the point of their need.

Standing at the edge of the cliff, deliberating whether or not to end it all, many a hopeless individual heard softly-spoken words from this compassionate stranger, ‘Why don’t you come for a cup of tea?’

Seemingly insignificant words, but since 1964 they have saved at least 160 lost souls from the precipice of death.

Wow! What a legacy, and what a reminder of the power of one. The power of one to impact one life, after life, after life.

Have you ever doubted that your life could make a difference?

It may be time to start believing differently.

It can be so tempting sometimes to focus on numbers; likes on Facebook, attendance and crowds. But what about the ‘ones,’ and the ‘ones’ those ‘ones’ will impact?

Someone once gave me a word of encouragement that has never left me.

They said, ‘The impact of your life is a bit like walking along the seashore across the sand, picking up shells as you go. Those shells you lift along the way represent the lives you have touched. Before you know it, you’ve walked the length of the beach. A little love each day can go a very long way.

Sometimes we can expend so much energy into thinking about how we could make a big difference; but in so doing we miss the small daily differences, which over time, add up to big ones.

Who are we standing in ‘the Gap’ for? Which ‘ones’ can we look out for and love? Who do you know that is on the edge of breakdown, or financial ruin, or discouragement?

And if you are a follower of Jesus Christ, remember you serve in the power of the greatest One to ever live, love, serve and save.

🌱One Rescuer

🌱One cross

🌱One empty tomb

🌱One victory

🌱One salvation

Jesus was the only One who could ever stand in the Gap for all of humanity, forever.

Never forget the power of the One to change the world. Start with the ‘One’ right in front of you, and see where it leads you!

H x

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