When weariness weighs you down, who holds you up?

Once upon a time there was a battle. A fight which felt impossible to win.

The leader of one side was known for his great exploits. His courage. His bravery. His boldness. His unwavering confidence in his God.

But in this particular story, he is vulnerable, he is weary, and he is tired. A group of raiders had attacked his people, and he is watching what is happening from a nearby hill.

This ancient tale describes how, as long as the leader’s arms were raised high, the tide was turned against the enemy of his people. But as soon as his limbs buckled with tiredness, the opposition got the advantage.

What won this battle, you may be wondering? Well, it certainly wasn’t this man’s independence or will power. (His name was Moses, by the way.)

It was his friends. Two people – Aaron and Hur – came alongside and held up his arms for as long as they were needed. The Lord honoured their combined strength, and the enemy was defeated.

The turning point in this story was not self sufficiency, it was dependence on God and interdependence between people.

The turning point in this story was the strength that comes with shared responsibility.

The turning point in this story was the intentional bearing of another’s burdens.

All of us have times when we become battle weary. Drained. Tired. And we often don’t recognise that our personal weariness has the potential not only to impact our own lives, but that of so many others around us.

Tiredness is the cause of many a battle lost.

Exhaustion is often the underlying factor for giving up something that is important to us, and crucial to the flourishing of others.

But when does the turning point so often come? When someone comes alongside.

🌱To share the weight.

🌱To bear the burden.

🌱To show strength.

🌱To communicate support.

When weariness is weighing us down, stubborn independence is not a wise way forward. Interdependence is how God designed us to operate. We can achieve so much more together than we can achieve alone. Or, to put it a different way, we can survive so much more through partnership than in isolation.

What a difference this makes to us when we feel our worries, demands and responsibilities stretching us out like chewing gum.

🌱Are you feeling weary today? Maybe you need to ask a friend (or two) for the support you need.

🌱Or maybe today is a day to thank someone who has held your arms up at crucial points in your life?

🌱 Is this an opportunity to be thankful for the ones who encourage you to lift your hands to the only One who can fight the battle for you?

🌱Finally, why not consider now whose arms you could hold up so that they too can have the strength to fight another day?

H x

Published by Hilary

Mum of two girls 👩‍👧‍👧 positive inspiration 💡 parenting 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 health 🏃‍♀️ life 💓 faith 📖

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