What your bedside table may reveal about you

Have you ever thought your bedside table might just be a window to your soul? What we keep on them can say a lot about us. They can also say a lot about the differences between us and our partners!

Some of us like a well stocked table. We don’t mind a bit of clutter. We are larger than life personalities who love to be surrounded by people and things. The world would be less warm without us!

Others like to keep things simple. For them, sleep is sacred and only objects that are conducive to that should be kept nearby. They are intentional, practical, organised and efficient! A lot in life would fall apart without them!

One or two of you break the mould altogether and have no bedside table at all. You are the independent forces for change in this world. Nothing would progress in society without you!

But do you know what bedside tables were originally used for?


Your bedside table was where you would have hidden your chamber pot in the old days. No more explanation needed there 😂


The Victorians called bedside tables ‘commode’ which comes from the French word for ‘convenient’. That’s still true right? Many people use a bedside table (or nightstand) to store everything you need to use last thing at night or first thing in the morning.


Today, the furniture beside our bed can also be a significant revealer about what is important to us. I asked some lovely people yesterday to post what they had on theirs – with fascinating results! Here are some of the pictures you posted:

Some of your bedside surfaces were dominated by beauty essentials, some contained primarily practical items like alarm clocks or medicine, while others prioritised meaningful objects.

Some of you sentimentalists kept kiddies’ artwork and family photographs, while others preferred to have no clutter at all. You are the minimalists of this world!

For some of you the space had a spiritual focus, while others had a more earthly flavour. I guess it depends whether you like morning motivation, afternoon inspiration or evening reflection!

My mum and dad’s bedside tables were completely different growing up. My dad had a couple of books, an alarm clock, and a pen drive with all his translation work on it, but my mum’s was like the leaning tower of Pisa. There was so much on there just ready to fall off if you brushed past the wrong way.

It reflected them beautifully. One focused, strategic, intellectual and single minded, the other personally involved with a lot of different people and possessing a great many passions.

Here’s the lowdown on mine.

Currently perched within easy reach is a journaling notebook, as well as two books- ‘you are what you eat’ and ‘The anthropological lens.’ Not a mirror or beauty product to be found! The only practical items are a kid’s drink flask and an inhaler in case I can’t breathe during the night (because breathing is kind of a necessity 😂)

Oh, and in the process of taking this photo I also found my lost bank card underneath the pile of books! That says a lot about me! You can see a hint of the mess around the table here.

In other words, there you have it: three of my greatest passions in life – food, people and writing (not necessarily in that order😂). The phone is there too, but only in case someone needs to get in touch.

Bill’s is quite different. First of all, he made the table himself out of left over wooden floor. Anyone who knows him will see this as true to form! Then there’s a Bible, a computer and two books ‘Ancient-future faith’ and a book titled ‘Where is God in a Coronavirus world?’ So that’s three of his greatest loves right there: theology, technology and DIY.

That our bedside tables (or lack thereof) could reveal so much about us is something I’d never thought about before – until yesterday. It’s been a lot of fun looking through your lists and pictures.

But I suppose this whole lighthearted discussion can leave room for some reflection too!

🌱What do you think of as necessities in life?

🌱What do you feel the need to keep within easy reach?

🌱What’s important enough to you to sleep beside?

🌱What does all this say about you, or about the difference between you and your other half?

Just a bit of fun and food for thought for today,

H x

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