🎁 The best gift you could give your kids for Christmas 🎁

Anyone else’s kids in the process of writing their Christmas wish lists?

Last night I realised – with exactly a month to go until Christmas – it was probably as good a time as any to get started, so I got the toy catalogue out, took a deep breath, and began the process. Writing Santa lists feels a bit like going down a rabbit hole, doesn’t it? Young kids have no idea what’s good for them sometimes, or even a concept of what things cost.

But this time, it all went a bit predictably- at least it did at first.

Zoë: [jumping up and down with excitement] ‘I want an Our Generation doll! Yes, that one with the glasses – she’s called Avril!’ 👧

Eden: [gasp] ‘Wow, look at that dragon!’ 🐉’

Zoë: [chomping at the bit] ‘No wait, I want that jungle Lego set… I do, I do, I do!’ 🌴

Eden: [pointing wildly in no particular direction] ‘Look at that dinosaur!!’ 🦖

Me: ‘Ok, girls, you can each choose two things from the catalogue. Deal?’

Zoë- ‘Deal!!’ 👍

But just then, Eden says, ‘mummy, I want to give you a cuddle.’

Hugging her close, I said, ‘Aww thanks, Eden, what’s that for?’

‘Because mummy, YOU are my present’ 🎁

Aww, my heart. 💓

And what a wonderful reminder, just at the right time.

In all the fun and chaos of getting ready for Christmas this year, remember this:

YOU are the gift your kids will love most this year. Your love, your attention, your affection. Your presence is the best present.

🎁 They’ll forget by this time next year all the gifts they received, but they’ll never forget how you make them feel.

🎁 They’ll enjoy the fun of unwrapping what’s under the tree, but they’ll never forget what values they saw unfolded before them as they grew up.

🎁 They’ll receive your gifts with joy and excitement, but nothing will compare with the joy of loving parents cheering them on, and being an effervescent support underneath and around them in life.

But one thing I’m going to try to do most intentionally this year – besides offering Zoë and Eden the best of myself – is to keep reminding them of a Gift far beyond myself. A Gift that surpasses the best I could ever offer. A gift that cost more than any other. The One whose presence brings joy unspeakable. The One who offers life abundant and free.

His name is Jesus.

H x

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